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Lake Tahoe

As most of you know, Boulder Bay is pressing forward to secure the necessary approvals for its proposed project.  The TRPA is scheduled to release the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) early in July.  That is only 1-½ months from now.

Once the Draft EIS is released, the Public will have a short time to respond - perhaps as little as 30 days.  We have asked that the response period be extended due to the size and complexity of the project, but the TRPA has not yet indicated how long it will allow.  The EIS is the primary means for identifying and addressing significant impacts, such as effects on infrastructure, traffic, noise, water quality, air quality, wildlife, socioeconomic factors, cultural resources and scenic thresholds.  Careful review and analysis of the EIS is crucial to ensure that impacts are appropriately considered.

Boulder Bay’s proposal contemplates a large and dense complex of buildings covering most of the Biltmore and Mariner sites.  The project as originally proposed would:

  1. Increase onsite population by a factor of 4 to 5 (estimated population would be 2448);
  2. Produce 875,000 sq. ft. of build-out (current structures cover 120,000 sq. ft.);
  3. Construct 11 buildings ranging in height from 57 ft. to 89 ft. (currently there is one structure 75 ft. high and 6 buildings two story or less); and
  4. Erect portions of two hotels and 32 condos on the Mariner site, where currently only 3 single family residences are allowed.

Even Boulder Bay’s fallback alternative is too tall and dense. 

The Boulder Bay project is moving forward quickly and will be up for approval late this year or soon after the New Year - just 6 months from now.  The TRPA has a track record of supporting such projects with only minor plan modifications.

The TRPA, working in tandem with developers, is supporting “urbanization” of North Lake Tahoe.  Our local nonprofit community organization, North Tahoe Preservation Alliance, and its volunteer Directors are working with the League to Save Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Club to oppose over-development, so the glories of the Lake and the very character of our community are not sacrificed.  Environmental and legal experts need to be engaged right now to analyze Boulder Bay proposals and the soon-to-be-released Draft EIS.  The costs are huge, so we have to ask for your financial help right now, because the opportunity to voice concerns will be gone in just a couple months.

Please help with whatever contribution you can make and, when possible, attend the upcoming public meetings.  Many of you contributed toward our effort to maintain roadway access, and thanks to your support, an alternative access will be maintained.  Now, we must act again and we need your immediate financial support.  With almost 400 concerned neighbors working together, we have a chance to preserve our way of life and property values.  Thank you for your continuing encouragement and support.