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About Us

Our Mission:

  • To preserve the natural beauty and rustic character of the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.
  • To perpetuate our easygoing lifestyle within this wild environment without promoting overdeveloped urbanization of existing commercial areas.

Background of the North Tahoe Preservation Alliance, a Nevada Non Profit Corporation:

In November of 2007 many members of the Community attended a presentation by the  new owners of the Biltmore Casino in Crystal Bay, Nevada at Lake Tahoe.  Roger Wittenberg, who had just purchased the property in July for approx. $30 million, showcased the general concept of a new development on the site.  The project was called Boulder Bay, although it isn’t on the water.  Generally the Public reception was optimistic.  In February of 2008, the Community became aware that Boulder Bay applied to Washoe County to abandon one entire street and parts of two other Public Roads in Crystal Bay.  As these roads were important for safe ingress and egress from the Community north of Hwy 28, the neighborhood concern grew.  At this point, an informal group, the Friends of Crystal Bay/Brockway, was formed.  After 10 months of appeals and hearings at the County level, the neighbors prevailed and Boulder Bay was forced to provide a replacement 4th access to the neighborhood.  Boulder Bay was required to have an approved project with a new traffic study, provide the replacement roads, and heat Wellness Way before any abandonment of existing roads occurred.  Also, the County agreed to go on record to enforce the access and Boulder Bay’s maintenance of the new replacement road.

After the Public’s experience with the excessive development and loss of sand dunes at Tonopalo in Tahoe Vista we realized that the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency was actually promoting more height, density and less parking. We heard John Singlaub actually say those words.   Next we learned that the agency was condoning the morphing and monetizing of 200 sq.ft motel/hotel rooms or Tourist Accomodation Units (TAUS) into 2500 sq.ft. plus fractional condos/timeshares. Imagine if every hotel/motel room became 2000 sq.ft.  What an incredible increase in massing and loss of scenic beauty.  No real economic diversity; just the same old failed equation yet claiming to save our gasping economy.  For the first time in years the TRPA was an advocate for developers with only vague assurances to the Public that urbanization was the primary way Tahoe clarity would be saved.  The final straw was TRPA’s willingness to change a settlement agreement which restricted the development on the old 6 acre Tahoe Mariner site to allow just 3 single family homes on 1.3 acres with the balance 4.7 acres open space.   Boulder Bay is proposing 2 hotels over 80 feet high and 32 condominiums 57 ft high on that site.

It became clear a non profit corporation in Nevada was required for continued citizen’s involvement. This is how the North Tahoe Preservation Alliance was formed.

The TRPA maintains that the high density Marriott and Heavenly Village development on the South Shore reduced traffic 20%.  What they don’t say is that Nevada gaming generally has reduced 30% due to the growth of California gaming.  That influence, reduced voter registration, reduced school enrollment and the explosion of housing prices and the resultant 2nd and 3rd home reality has more to do with losing our full timers who support our shoulder season economy.  There is a huge inventory of housing at the lake.  The fractional/timeshare concept has been overdone; it was a failed concept before the recession.  Our feeling is that we need to upgrade our existing facilities and deliver affordable housing.